Hi, I’m Paulo _

I’m a product design engineer with 10+ years experience in the tech industry. I can take any idea and transform it into a product, developing it through three lenses: UX/UI design, prototyping and product strategy. I seek areas of high opportunity and strive in high complexity, ambiguous environments.

Right now I am ...

... defining the future of Smart Glasses (AR) experience design for Meta, and how it's being empowered with AI. I work across our product line, aiming at a consistentent and uniform experience throughout our products that anyone would identidy as made by Meta. 🔒

I incubated an idea to a product used by millions every month

I took the idea we could use AR to enhance a walking navigation experience, from concept to product, resulting in the Google Maps AR Walking Navigation and the investment in VPS technology.

I founded a Pathfinding Team

I was a founding member and prototyping lead of a team that empowered other parts of Google with AR and computer vision in short sprints. We worked with Waymo, Accessibility, Calendar, Android Camera and Youtube to name a few.

I see value in Home Control and IoT

One of the biggest exploration efforts I worked on was how AR can be the best universal remote control for your home.

I'm excited about the role of AI in our future, exploring what that means since 2019

As design lead for the Google Lens on Wearables team, I explored how an AI that can see empowers your smart glasses experience.

Hardware UX is still a passion

I started my career as the first prototyper in Android Auto, dwelled in hardware prototyping, and produced some moderalely valuable and impactful work for a junior designer.

Outside of my professional live I am primarily a father and a husband. I’m a maker and inventor, finding pleasure and comfort in solving problems that force me to learn new skills through building physical things . Others describe me as creative, organized, pragmatic and honest. I like to listen before speaking, to carry strong opinions that are weakly held, and to thrive in controlled chaos.